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martes, 5 de noviembre de 2013

November 2013 news

And here I am again with November news:

Last days of the patronage of Adventures in the East Mark

The patronage of Adventures in the East Mark it's reaching the ending this week: $20,322 of $21,000 (at the time of writing). Anyone willing to contribute $700 remaining?

Fanzine Rolero reaches its 49th edition

Fanzine Rolero reaches its 49th edition with the following contents (Note: The magazine its written in Spanish):

In this moon we are yet trying to be in time and we are centered to finish and and close pending commitments.
  • Noche Eterna for Fragmentos JdR by Mario Fernandez now with the trilogy collected in a director's cut with juicy extras.
  • The adaptation by Ricard Ibañez of the system of La Puerta de Ishtar to Conan's Hyborean Era continues with the magic.
  • Daniel Julivert continues talking about ecologic systems in his series of articles about creating fiction worlds.
  • And we begin a series of articles with translated material of OGL oficial supplements to provide a bestiary and other resources for the manual of D6 Aventura we served a year ago as a free download a year ago thanks to Kellhound.
In regular sections there's plenty of reviews:
  • Tiran explains us how is Tejemanejes, the new game published by Edge and Breaking the Ice, a roleplaying proposition, very very peculiar and unusual.
  • Carlos Plaza analyzes the divulgative book ¿Qué son los Juegos de Rol?
  • And Werden completes a double reviewing Negacity, the free roleplaying game, and explains what's new in the new version of Paranoia, el juego de rol.
  • In modules we have (aside from Noche Eterna) Tras las Huellas de King Kong, thanks to Urox.
But it's not the only gaming material we have:
  • Gaime aids (props) for Ars Magica, fifth edition by Daniel Julivert.
  • Alternative damage rules for Canción de Hielo y Fuego JdR by Miguel de Rojas
  • Advice for chases in Shadow Hunters by game's author...
  • ...that repeats with Museums for Haunted House.
  • A new character sheet for Cazafantasmas JdR, design by Curro Burgos.
And more with an article about leitmotiv in roleplaying games by Manuel Belizón and the everlasting comic strip by Kharma.

We hope you can enjoy and found useful this new contents delivery. You know where we are and a million thanks for your visits. Served to improve ourselves again.

New roleplaying forum: Talpimon

Thanks to The Freak Times I've known of the existence of a new Catalan roleplaying forum: Talpimon.

Ending of the patronage of Revista de Rol

The patronage of Revista de Rol has ended last november 2nd fully acomplishing the proposed objective: €7,891 € of €6,500

Aker Codicem: Big contest for 100,000 visits

The blog Aker Codicem proposes a contest with interesting prizes to celebrate its nearly de 10,000 visits.

AJJR: 1r torneig de Vampire: The Eternal Struggle

Next 23rd AJJR will held its first torunament of the card game Vampire: The Eternal Struggle. To read the rules (in Spanish) you may follow this link.

The Land of Nod: Demigods, the First Adventurers

Finally I advise to take a look to this post of the blog The Land of Nod proposing a new Old School games character class for players and referees wishing demigods in their gaming sessions.

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