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lunes, 11 de noviembre de 2013

Review of The Monolith from beyond Space and Time

Last summer I had the chance of acquiring some adventures and supplements of Lamentations of the Flame Princess (a game which at the time I already reviewed in this post, this one and this other one), so today's post will begin a series of small reviews being aimed to these publications (be forewarned that I haven't the chance to use them in the table and in some of the reviews I won't elaborate to much talking about the plot or graphical aspects that can reveal its contents).

In this first delivery I will talk about the adventure The Monolith from beyond Space and Time, written by James Raggi.

The initial planning for The Monolith is an answer to the thought of the author about the use and abuse of Cthulhu Miths in role-playing games in recent years and how, in a matter of speaking, its capacity of surprise us inside the terror genre have been devaluated.

To escape this tendency Raggi writes an adventure with the spirit of plan a set of bizarre and unusual situations that, without using Miths creatures and gods, achieve players experience the same sensations as if them appeared.

This situations have their origin in the apparition of the aforementioned Monolith and the surrounding valley generated by it when appears in the game world the referee had chosen to arbitrate (also the adventure is intended for Old School or similar games I'm sure it could be easily adapted to other rule systems).

Characters will enter the valley unknowingly or be called to investigate inside it. In both cases they will find several groups or creatures (very weird as Raggi does in Lamentations, and you can imagine what I'm talking about if you had read or refereed the game) originated in other times, places or universes (a fact useful for any imaginative or enterprising referee to introduce those he can think about, like those in the other book series, like Carcosa, or other preferred games and settings).

Finally the group will reach the center of the valley and will find the Monolith, a very strange construction hiding strange secrets and situations player characters will find when they go inside.

To finish I can recommend you The Monolith from beyond Space and Time if you like adventures and modules with really unusual situations and you want to offer your players an experience they will hardly forget.

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