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jueves, 14 de noviembre de 2013

Review of Isle of the Unknown

In keeping with the reviews of these days about some adventures and supplements of Lamentations of the Flame Princess (previous releases can be found here, here and here) today I will talk about Isle of the Unknown.

Isle of Unknown, written by Geoffrey McKinney, the same author of Carcosa, is a full color supplement with a campaign scenario where players will have the chance to explore an island with orography and climate reminiscent of the French region of Auvergne and inhabitants with a culture that reminds the classical Greeks and Romans with some medieval touches in some cases.

The presentation format of the supplemt contents it's based in the typical map made of numbered hexagons with a set of encounters associated, In theis encounters it's possible to find statues with magical powers and a great number of individuals capable of using magic (both wizards and clerics) and any kind of creatures (I admit it, some are very strange or unsusual or even in some cases you can find them a bit ridiculous, but you are free to modify them as you like because you are the referee, isn't it?).

Creatures, statues and individuals populating Isle of Unknown are unique creations of this publications (none of the many SRD under the OGL available in Internet had been used for previously existing stats to generate the creatures of the book), so you can use them to surprise veteran gamers knowing all kinds of bestiaries of Dungeons & Dragons and similar games (in fact the format for game characteristics is so clear and concise it can be perfectly adapted to any game, Old School or not).

To finish I can only recommend Isle of Unknown if you like Old School adventures and environments and you like to fill or complement them with your own creations (something quite common in exploration campaigns based on hexagons) or you need to quickly improvise an adventure and need inspiration.

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