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miércoles, 13 de noviembre de 2013

Review of Qelong

Today I will show you the review of Qelong, third instalment of the series these days I'm dedicating to adventures and supplements of Lamentations of the Flame Princess (you will find first two parts in this link and this other one).

Qelong, adventure written by Kenneth Hite flee from traditional campaign settings based in fantasy of European origins to transfer us to the country Sajavedra and river Qelong valley, located in a region comparable to our planet Southeast Asia (in fact Sajavedra is the counterpart of Cambodia), so its landscape and cultural background will be based in the traditions of the countries of the zone, being easy to find rice fields, canals and swampy areas as well as stupas and Buddhists monks (in this case as Lotus monks).

Characters arriving the country and going up the river (in a journey similar to the one of Apocalypse Now protagonists) will be witness of the effects of a war between immeasurable powers laying waste to it, hopelessly affecting its inhabitants and contaminating their lands and the canals crossing them with aakom, a powerful magical substance used in the most powerful sorceries. Besides this fact, the country is inhabited by all kind of savage creatures and ghosts (Araq, Beisaq, Daereqlan, Qmoc Praj) lurking in the ruins of destroyed towns.

The fact that the canal network is also compromised had triggered the process that will free the demigodess Naga Qelong, of serpentine nature, which will manifest in Sajavedra if nobody prevents it.

Leaving aside everything I've described about Sajavedra there's also other possible dangers from abroad like varangian mercenaries are taking advantage of the situation for their own benefit and Myrmidon warriors advancing unchecked sweeping it all in its wake.

To finish I recommend Qelong if you want to test a new setting or add an exotic touch to your campaigns (right now I'm thinking it can be placed near the Kang Empire, one of the kingdoms appearing in the Blue Box of Aventuras en La Marca del Este).

This entry it's also available in the following languages:
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