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viernes, 11 de marzo de 2016

Black Box: La Llamada de los dioses - Session 13

With this post I'm going on with the campaign log of La Llamada de los dioses I'm refereeing for my regular game group at La Cofradía del rol, for previous campaign sessions you may read these links: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12

Original image by Marcus Ranum (CC BY 3.0)

As always remember you may find spoilers, so if you are playing the campaign or think about playing it you probably do not want to read more beyond this point (or perhaps you want, who knows).

From now on players also have a little more active role in the writing of these blog posts because they cooperate taking notes of what happened in the game session, these notes allow me to write campaign reports. This time the chronicler assistant had been David (who right now is playing Grognak the barbarian).

In the last session characters were facing a group of Penumbra clerics and the few guardian orcs who survived the first combat after disrupting the sacrifice of the pretty girl that was about to take place, Kai the samurai had been victim of an incantation casted by the monk that was about to make the sacrifice and was paralyzed (although she was perfectly aware of what was happening around).

As combat resumed things turned to be even more confused, so on one hand the dwarf Aradum (who speaks orcish) somehow managed to convince the surviving orc guards to rebel against their masters (although one of them without much luck, because he lost his weapon due to a fumble, a situation which will be repeated later) and on the other the acolyte monks didn't hesitate using a spell to attract darkness to impair characters' ability of seeing whats happening around them (although it really affected only Kai and Grognak the barbarian, who was perched in the wall above the cavern's entrance waiting for his chance).

The cleric officiating the ceremony (remember that he had left Kai paralyzed) also demonstrated to be dangerous attacking Daryn Jadegris (the Dwarf NPC accompanying them) with a body contact spell and tried to do the same with Luna the half-elf, but he failed and this gave her the chance of strike back rending him unconscious thanks to some of her misterious capabilities (and I still remember that it is not the first time something like this happens... ;) ).

Black Robed Monk (Old Book Art) | CC BY 3.0
ARoman Grave altar (A.D. 140-170) of the freedman Catilus Diadumenus | CC BY 2.0

Finnaly characters managed to control the situation and beat their opponents, in part due to some fumbles rolled by the monks and the slightly random attack attitude of the orcs (also affected by the darkness spell), the help given by Daryn and how lucky was Grognak falling over the cleric who casted the darkness spell running through him with his bastard sword.

After victory characters prepared for what was waiting for them and for what the girl could explain to them, making Kai to drink a potion to negate the effects of the spell of paralysis that still affected her, while Meler the mistic took time to tie hard the cleric officiating the ceremony who was still unconscious after his meeting with Luna.

The girl, whose name is Adrinne, said that she and others like her were deceived by Penumbra clerics to join their order (or were so dumb as to be convinced...), although surely they didn't expected to be the victims of the sacrifices that clerics held regularly, in fact she also talked about an adjacent cave to the one containing the sacrifice altar with a cell where her partners were locked and asked the group for their liberation so they can escape and leave behind this nightmare in which have been involved.

Characters agreed to Adrinne's request, but before carrying it out they decided to investigate again the misteryous mirror labyrinth of the previous session to find out what happens inside it, which led them to question the cleric who had captured and was already conscious, although they didn't get the results they expected because the cleric taunted them and wasn't very helpful, so Grognak questioned him harder and... he overdid, so he ended up killing him and they failed to make nothing of it.

At this point one might think that players would desist from research that room and continue the adventure, but they decided to continue to focus their efforts in the labyrinth of mirrors, so they formulated the following strategy: Meler and Daryn (forced by Luna special abilities, he wasn't crazy enough to go inside there...) they entered into the cave with ropes attached to the waist in case of needing to get them out quickly and began to look around to see what happened...

Soon very strange things began to set off, as they began to be attacked by what apparently seemed their reflections, so Daryn received a rod blow onto the head by Meler and Meler an axe blow by Daryn that he easily evaded. facing such a strange situation their partners Kay and Grognak decided to drag them using the ropes bfore more attacks take place.

Grognak throwed the cleric's corpse into the room and, after seeing some strange reflections in the mirrors, decided to put into action their typycal group tactic when things go wrong... set things on fire!, so he threw an oil bottle as if it was a molotov cocktail (which together with the oil Meler had spread before to somehow mark his mysterious attacker soon made the hall of mirrors began to burn), finally among the flames appeared a strange humanoid figure that continually changed shape as his body burned and eventually adopted Adrinne's likeness before pounce over her (luckily Darin could kill the misterious being before something bad happened to the girl).

What will happen in the next session?

As is customary to say:

To be continued...

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