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jueves, 17 de noviembre de 2016

Black Box: La Llamada de los dioses - Session 17

With this post I'm going on with the campaign log of La Llamada de los dioses I'm refereeing for my regular game group at La Cofradía del rol, for previous campaign sessions you may read these links: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12 #13 #14 #15 #16

Scary Werewolf | Martin Grondin (CC BY-SA 2.0)
Full Moon 2010 by Gregory H. Revera (CC BY-SA 3.0)

As always remember you may find spoilers, so if you are playing the campaign or think about playing it you probably do not want to read more beyond this point (or perhaps you want, who knows).

With this session report I resume the campaign with some changes as part of the usual player group have decided for various reasons (Real WorldTM, etc.) to not keep on with the adventures of La Llamada de los dioses... Does it means that this won't continue? Of course not, because along players willing to continue there will be another ones as you will see in these session and next ones (in fact I decided to arbitrarily level up them to the sixth level of their respective classes before continuing).

Werewolf by Viergacht | Pixabay (Public Domain)
Wolf by (Free download)

If you remember the last session characters were on the tunnels of the hideout used by evil clerics of Penumbra to plot their nefarious plans and they were hearing howls that did not portend anything good, something that soon got exposed with the sudden aparition of a fast and hairy humanoid creature along some four-legged fellows who didn't hesitate to pounce over them... It was a werewolf, with a group of giant wolves which quickly finished with almost the entire group, forcing Luna the half-elf and Meler the mystic to make a tactical retreat to evaluate the new situation in which they had gotten into that not allowed to save the lifes of their mates falling while covering the pair, and loosing part of their belongings, like the wand of light the driad gave them in the lake they discovered in session #15.

And what was happening while in other part of the underground complex? Well, from the mysterious fountain of bluish light and smoke appeared a girl (Laura, a new player) who somewaht (surely thanks to the action of powers beyond any earthly comprehension) had been attracted to fall through a magical portal that had led her into an unknown place.

After wandering into the tunnels and discovering she was in fact in some caverns below a volcano Theia, as this was the girls name, finally got into the battle and helped Meler, who achieved to finish the lycantrope (however he couldn't avoid to get bitten...), and Luna achieved to finish part of the pack thanks to her “capabilities”, allowing the mystic to scare the rest.

Gnoll by Manzanedo (Blogger | Deviantart)

Ogre by tinyfroglet (CC BY 2.0)

After proper presentations (and discovering that Theia probably have the same mission as them) the group continued to investigate caverns under the volcano and ran into more troops the evil clerics of Penumbra placed into the underground complex, facing gnoll and ogre patrols and easily overcoming them.

Black Robed Monk by Old Book Art (CC BY 3.0)

Continuing with the exploration they reached a chapel where a group of clerics were carrying out a prayer to Penumbra facing an altar dedicated to the dark god, achieving to go unnoticed by the orcish guards watching the room. A few moments later Meler discovered a new cave with a group of bloodied orc corpses before a carved portal in rock shaped as a devil head and stairs descending to darkness, the mystic also saw in the portal's rock the red mark of a hand and the initials TG as well as a blood drops in the steps.

Meler returned in his footsteps and went to the place Luna and Theia were hiding, but they couldn`t avoid to be discovered and attacked by the orcish guards of the chapel, rendering Theia and Meler unconscious and near death, so Luna was alone against danger...

And then something happened (something I won't explain because not all characters know what happened, and you never know who may be reading this session report...). There's enough to say that when Theia and Meler awoke they were safe in the chamber where sleeped the virgins they meet in session #13.

What will happen in the next session?

As is customary to say:

To be continued...

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